10 Bits of Sports Trivia


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For those who are fond of reading bits of trivia, look no more as I will be gathering little-known facts that will surely blow you away. Sports fans will surely enjoy what you will be reading today since I will be focusing on the Olympic Games, And although the 2020 Tokyo Olympics is still a good two years away,  today is a good time to read some of the obscure and little-known facts of the Olympiad. So read on:


  1. Most people think that the gold medal given away at the Olympics is made of pure gold. Well, in the 1912 Games gold medals were made of pure gold. But due to high costs, they discontinued it. Since 1916, gold medals contained at least 6 grams of pure gold and should have at least 92.5 percent pure silver.


  1. So how much is an Olympic gold medal, in monetary terms? In the Rio Olympics, it would cost only around, in US Dollars, $600. But for sure, if you’re going auction it, it would cost much, much more.


  1. Ever tried running barefoot? I am sure that after just a few meters, you will stop. But in 1960 Olympiad, Abebe Bikila, won the gold medal running barefoot. The event? The marathon. Just imagine! Running barefoot, not just in meters, but kilometers huh!


  1. When we think of the silver medal, automatically we think the athlete won second place. But at the first modern Olympics in 1896, silver medals were given who won first place. Second prize winners were awarded the bronze medal, and third placers absolutely got nothing.


  1. At the 1900 Olympics held in Paris, paintings were awarded to the top three placers, instead of medals, because the French thought that paintings were more valuable.  Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded starting at the 1904 Olympics.


  1. Believe it or not, no white person has ever run 100 meters in under 10 seconds in the Olympics.


  1. For all his bravado, there was one thing that Muhammad Ali was afraid of flying, so he wore a parachute during his flight to the 1960 Rome Olympics. And yes, he still won the gold.


  1. Is racism still present these days? Apparently so, since South Africa has yet to host an Olympic Games, while London has hosted it thrice already.


  1. Romanian Nadia Comaneci was the first to score a perfect 10.0 in the uneven bars, but the scoreboards weren’t able to record it, they only recorded it as 1.0, probably because a perfect 10 was unheard of.


  1. American marathon runner Fred Lorz was disqualified for riding in a car during the race. During the 1904 Olympic Games, Lorz hitched a ride in a car for most of the race, then ran the last four miles. He was obviously disqualified. The Amateur Athletic Union decided to slap him a lifetime ban but later reinstated him. (RONDA Balita Online News)



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