2 Bulacan mayors confirm ASF in Pandi, Pulilan towns


PANDI, Bulacan — The piggeries in the towns of Pandi and Pulilan are now affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF).

Pandi Mayor Rico Roque explains to media people the real status of the piggeries which are now affected by the African Swine Fever (ASF) during the press conference held in his office on Thursday, October 3, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Pandi Information Office)

Pandi Mayor Enrico Roque has confirmed on Thursday that more or less 200 swine at the Corpus Farm in barangay Baka-Bakahan in their town has been culled while Pulilan Mayor Ma. Rosario “Maritz” Ochoa-Montejo confirmed that around 1,000 livestock afflicted with ASF in Barangays Inaon, Tabon, Balatong A, Balatong B, Tinejero and Dulong Malabon has recently been culled.

Both local chief executives said that quarantine checkpoints for all animals going in and out of their respective towns are now strictly being implemented, blood samples from livestock raisers are being done regularly and culling and depopulations of affected swine are being made.

Roque noted that a total of 191 swine were culled at the piggery of Mae Gonzalez and not 1,000 as earlier reported in the television news while Montejo said at least 1,000 ASF-affected swine in Pulilan were already culled.

Roque also denied the news statement of Gonzalez of the Corpus Farm in Barangay Baka-Bakahan in this town that their livestock has not tested positive for the ASF disease.

Based on the test results of the laboratory analysis taken by the Department of Agriculture on September 20 and September 24 on the blood samples of livestock at the piggery of Gonzalez have tested positive for the ASF disease that led to the depopulation of its livestock.

Elsie Angeles, acting municipal agriculture officer of Pandi said the culling of the livestock at the said farm started on September 27 and was abruptly stopped on Monday (September 30) when Gonzalez appeared on a television news program and denied their livestock has been tested positive for ASF.

Pandi Mayor Rico Roque and members of Livestock Raisers of Pandi (LIRAP) show to the public that pigs in the said town are still safe to eat after the press conference held in his office on Thursday, October 3, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Pandi Information Office)

Angeles also doubt Gonzalez’s claim that more than 1,000 heads of their livestock were culled by crushing it with a backhoe.

“The culled animals were electrocuted and not crushed by a backhoe before being thrown in a pit. Initially, a total of 114 swine were culled followed by 77 heads before the cullings were stopped on the 200-sow level farm of Gonzalez and her associates,” Angeles noted.

Meanwhile, members of Livestock Raisers of Pandi (LIRAP) on the same day sought the help of Mayor Roque of Pandi appealing to the local municipalities to lift the “no in and out” policy against hog traders and implement the open or free trading in some selected slaughterhouses in the province and even in other places amid of African Swine Fever (ASF) affecting the province.

According to Mayor Roque, the LIRAP group went to his office and sought his help calling the national concerned government agencies as well as the local municipalities to reopen the slaughterhouses in Bulacan for them. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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