Adaptations of new technologies to survive in a fast-changing world

Ilocos Norte Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc said during the opening ceremony of the Regional Science and Technology Week at the Centennial Arena in Laoag City that in this fast-changing world of today, we must adapt science and technology or die. (Ramon Efren R. Lazaro)

LAOAG CITY, Ilocos Norte – Ilocos Norte Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc has expressed that there is an urgency to adapt science and technology in our everyday lives to survive in the fast-changing world of today.

The message was delivered during the opening ceremony for the Regional Science and Technology Week (RSTW) at the Centennial Arena in this city on September 17.

Manotoc pointed out we must “adapt or die”

The governor said, “The world before us is changing every day and every hour and for that reason, we must evolve and change in this world.”

On the other hand, Laoag Mayor Michael Marcos Keon quoted Science and Technology Sec. Fortunato Dela Pena that the noble intentions of harnessing the power of innovative technological ideas and concept to power the Philippines toward boundless opportunities to solve societal problems are one powerful statement.

Keon said these challenges the science community and science enthusiasts to come up with innovative scientific ideas and to showcase current scientific knowledge products and services in addressing sustainable development goals.

Keon pointed out that “our society today is permeated with long-standing problems hampering the advancement of technology, thereby preventing progress and development.

To address these problems, the mayor said the Office of the President issued Proclamation No. 169, citing among others Section 10, Article 14 of the Philippine Constitution which provides that science and technology are essential for national development and progress.

Keon said that this year’s RSTW theme of “Science for the People: Enabling Technologies for Sustainable Developments” is very fitting and timely, as this is the period of worldwide scientific and technological revolution which aims to sustain and maintain areas such as food security, energy and environment, health and medical care among others that ensure livability in cities and communities.

He noted that “Whether we accept it or not, we are now living in the age of consequences and we now suffer the end result of the things done by our forefathers in their quest for technological advancement inadvertently neglecting the effects of the environment.”

Keon cited that we now have food shortage because of industrial progress which has limited the space of agricultural lands, global warming due to fumes coming out from factories, automobiles and other industrial machinery that has enveloped the earth and preventing heat to dissipate into the atmosphere.

Diseases emerge because of the weakening of the human immune system brought about by the intake of chemicals which are mixed into our foods in the name of culinary enhancement, these and more are now being felt and it is our duty to mitigate their effects with the use of technology, the same technology that caused these effects, Keon added.

Keon pointed out that” technological advancement is boundless and we must encourage the scientific community, especially the Department of Science and Technology to continue their quest for technological advancement, for, in pursuit of perfections, excellence is achieved.”


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