Air Defense Command reiterates commitment as a credible air defense system

Air Defense Command Commander MGen. Connor Anthony Canlas Sr. (Air Defense Command)

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga — Air Defense Command (ADC) Commander MGen. Connor Anthony Canlas Sr. reiterated on Tuesday that they will continue to lead and soar towards a credible air defense system.

During their 59th Founding Anniversary, Canlas said ADC has endeavored to enhance its capabilities to better safeguard and secure the Philippine skies for unhampered national development.

“With our goal to become a more capable and credible Command responsive to the Air Defense and security requirements of the Philippines, the Defenders family has unceasingly improved throughout the years. Detect, Identify, Intercept and Neutralize intruders in the Philippine Air Defense Identification Zone will soon be realized,” he said.

The ADC Commander added that it will continue to perform its mandate and improve its capabilities by having more air defense platforms, streamlining its processes, formulating innovative policies to adapt to the intricacy of modern warfare, and challenging the status quo.

“Through the collective efforts of the Defenders family and what previous ADC Commanders have initiated and contributed in the past, each has laid the foundation for better and more responsive air defense. Rest assured that we will continue to build on this momentum,” Canlas said.

In addition, he also commended the front liners in various air bases for their efforts in keeping the COVID-19 infections in their command and within their respective areas to a minimum.

Meanwhile, Philippine Air Force (PAF) Commanding General Lieutenant General Allen Paredes stressed the crucial role of ADC as the first line of defense that guards, deflects, and incapacitates enemies.

“Being at the forefront of our air defense system, you know the importance of strengthening your shield. I, therefore, enjoin you to continuously exhaust all means and preparations to expedite the delivery of an integral defense platform that would complete our integrated air defense system and enhance the capability and responsiveness of our nations’ first line of defense,” Paredes said.

The PAF commanding general also commended the ADC members for their hard work to realize their full potential as watchful guards of the skies.

“I salute you. Just like the shield of faith you have continued to prove yourself as the first line of defense that guards the skies and deflects and incapacitates enemies,” he said.

In closing, he urged them to learn tactics and strategies from the Roman military and continuously unite to become a formidable and unstoppable force.

“This is how a system works and this is how an integrated air defense system must work. It must be united and all of you must have faith in each other, believing that all will play their part,” he said.

The theme for this year’s celebration is “ADC@59: Taking the LEAD and Soaring as ONE Towards a Credible Air Defense System for National Security and Development”.


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