Bulacan health system still has no capacity to confirm COVID-19 cases


CITY OF MALOLOS — Bulacan health system still lacks the capacity to confirm COVID-19 cases.

This after Bulacan Gov. Daniel Fernando recently confirmed that currently, no testing laboratory for the viral disease is available in the province.

Seeing the need for it, Fernando said the provincial government of Bulacan is now constructing a molecular laboratory facility at the compound of the Bulacan Medical Center in Malolos while there is a move to make the annex hospital of the Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital in Bocaue as a testing facility for the viral disease.

On the other hand, Vice Gov. Wilhelmino Sy Alvarado released a statement on Sunday that all intensive care units of public and private hospitals in Bulacan are full of patients.

Alvarado also noted that there is a slow progress on patients being tested positive for the viral disease and pointed out that there are still 2,066 suspect and probable cases that have their specimen taken and brought to RITM and the Lung Center but its laboratory results not yet released after several weeks of being submitted.

The vice governor also pointed out that several of the patients have already died without knowing their laboratory results and that there was contact tracing on the immediate persons who have mingled with the patient.

Meanwhile, Guiguinto Mayor Ambrocio “Boy” Cruz who is also the president of the League of Mayor of the Philippines-Bulacan, confided to RONDA BALITA Online that the construction of the annex hospital of the Jose B. Lingad Memorial General Hospital in Bocaue is being targeted to be a testing facility for the COVID-19 with an estimated cost of P35 million.

Siblings Bocaue Mayor Eleanor “Joni” Villanueva-Tugna and Sen. Joel Villanueva have recommended that the said hospital to have a testing facility for COVID-19 and is expected to be completed on or before June 15 this year, Cruz said and explained that the laboratory facility will be placed at the “dietary section separate from the hospital and was approved in principle by DOH.”

The Guiguinto Mayor also added that all Bulacan mayors committed to fund for the procurement 30,000 test kits at P2,000 each. (RONDA BALITA Online)


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