Fil-Am teen inspired by Pia Wurtzbach to seek Miss Teen CA title

The reigning Miss Costa Mesa Teen, 14-year old Realah Crespin with a copy of US Asian Post where BD writer Abner Galino also writes. Photo by Abner Galino

BEAUTY queens inspire people in many ways and the closest illustration of this is when they are able to pass on their mindsets to young girls who share the same passion for pageantry.

Realah Crespin, 14, reigning Miss Costa Mesa Teen is spellbound by former Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

“I’ve always been fascinated with Pia. I love it that she is proud, that she tried four times and failed. And then she won Miss Universe, the biggest title. That’s a feat that I would like to achieve,” explained Realah.

Well, to aim high is the way to hit high. But still, with things as they are, Realah knows that for now, such a prospect is at best, amounts to a pipe dream.

Realah, the daughter of a Spanish engineer and a Filipina nurse, is set up to compete in Miss Teen California, possibly in January.

If Realah wins that title, that would give her a ticket to compete in Miss Teen USA. And then, she has to wait to get to the right age so she could compete in Miss California and win it to be able to compete in Miss USA. If she gets to wear the Ms. USA crown, only then when she could try to be the next Ms. Universe.

That is more or less, the route that she has to take to duplicate Pia Wurtzbach’s feat.

Realah, isn’t a dreamland kid anymore.

“Competing isn’t all about winning. Win or lose, you still gain,” explained Realah.

“I practice four hours every week. I train in question and answer. Stage presence, that’s also important. I practice walking — walking wearing a gown, walking wearing a sportswear.”

Through all these drills and actual competitions, Realah said her personality has been enriched; saying she has developed a strong confidence on herself and a budding sense of integrity.

The teener said she understands that being honest and authentic is important not only during pageant competitions but in life as well.

“When you are dishonest and pretentious, it’s gonna come back to you in the long run,” Realah stressed.

As a beauty queen, Realah also sees opportunities to give back to the community.

“I and my fellow title holders in Miss Costa Mesa are espousing causes and advocacies. For me, I am talking about the different types of bullying and how to stop them,” Realah disclosed.

Aside from this, Realah also engages in teaching dancing and singing to school kids.

Realah wishes to follow the footsteps of her mother, Leah, who works with people with special needs.

“I like what my mom does, helping people with special needs. I also want to be in the medical field someday,” added Realah. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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