Gov. Cua pushes faster internet with PLDT submarine cable


CATANDUANES — Philippine Long-Distance Telecommunications (PLDT) Incorporated will turn this province to an internet fiber community by 2020 through the submarine fiber optic cable.

This was the company’s declaration during their meeting with Gov. Joseph C. Cua on Tuesday, November 6, at the Governor’s Office Conference Room.

“Our dream for Catanduanes is to make it a fiber province – the first fiber province in Bicol region,” said Christopher Dizon, head of PLDT-Bicol Customer Service Operations Zone.

“We can offer a fiber-speed technology in 11 municipalities of Catanduanes and all of the barangays. We don’t have a limitation when we have a submarine cable,” he furthered.

When completed, the submarine fiber optic cable will provide Catanduanes an internet speed with unlimited bandwidth.

“We can offer up to 1gb,” he said.

“Definitely, if the province will run over a submarine cable transport, you will get the speed of what you applied for. If you applied for 20mbps, you will get a 20mbps upload and 20mbps download speed,” he furthered.

With the upgrade of internet connection in Catanduanes, it is expected that the island will attract investors and that the commercial businesses will further improve.

“What you need to have a progressive city, progressive municipality is good communication – excellent communication. And we will provide that,” Dizon said.

“That’s why it’s worth investing here in Virac. As you said, there are lots of businesses and investors here and it’s a developed municipality. So we are on that target. We are going to that level to help Virac,” he added.

The company also recognized the sentiments of the internet users of Catanduanes, especially in Virac, regarding the sudden deceleration of internet speed.

“We are sorry for the problem being experienced by your constituents in Catanduanes. We are experiencing slow down because of the limited capacity,” Dizon said.

Currently, the transport of internet to Catanduanes is via an internet protocol (IP) radio which has a limited bandwidth.

For the past few years, Catanduanes has been relying only on the upgrades of IP radio facilities from 100mbps to 600mbps and last month, it was then again upgraded to 1gbps.

“With that IP radio, we only have a limited capacity. That’s why we are experiencing slow down on our data connection,” he said.

Gov. Joseph C. Cua was satisfied by the progress of the internet connection of the province as reported by PLDT-Smart.

Furthermore, he pledged to continue to support the company in its goal.

“This is my gift to the Catandunganon youth who is part of the internet generation,” Governor Cua said.

The local chief executive also promised to monitor and support the project until its completion.

The PLDT projects in the island started in 2016 when Governor Cua sent a letter to PLDT-Smart Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan about the “maddening and frustrating effects of slow internet signal” in Catanduanes.

It then led to talks between the company and the PLGU, resulting in the improved internet service in the island.


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