Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity


(Following is the comment of MetroNEWS publisher ORLAN MAURICIO on Teddy G. Natividad’s Facebook post titled ‘Pahayag sa Aking Kandidatura’ last Dec. 18, 2018.)

Jealousy is a form of hatred built upon insecurity

A LINE from the poem ‘Desiderata’ reads “…If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

The poem’s Latin title, meaning ‘desired things’ written by Max Ehrmann in 1927, is timely and the above-quote aptly describes your ‘Pahayag’ in one word: Jealousy.

Browsing over your 10-paragraph raison d’etre, two points stand out.

First, and foremost, you want to protect the name of your father: “Ako ay nagdesisyong tumakbo sa layunin na protektahan ang malinis na pangalan ng aking ama – si Congressman Teodulo C. Natividad, ang TUNAY AT NAG-IISANG AGILA NG BULACAN. Hindi ko po mapapayagan na sirain nang gumagamit ng bansag na AGILA ang pangalan ng aking ama. Hindi ko rin papayagan na gamitin niya ang aming malinis na pangalan sa anumang makasariling hangarin at personal na ambisyon.”

Teddy, frankly, I felt sorry for you after reading this. Probably someone wrote this piece and told you to chew and swallow it line-hook-and-sinker. You have lost your self-respect. Whoever goaded you to write it, obviously for their vested interests, fed you alive to the wild beasts and made you a laughing stock.

Is there anyone tainting the good name of your daddy? None that I know of. If there is anyone besmirching his reputation, it is no other than you.

Probably if he is still alive today, he would have tied you upside down for your conduct unbecoming and for scandalizing his life. In fact, if anyone would blacken the image of Cong. Natividad, he would surely face a barrage of lawsuits from Mayor Christian and his younger brother, Chester, who are both lawyers like your father. At least, both followed the footsteps of your daddy and became barristers. And you? A college dropout? What?

Truth is, your entire ‘Pahayag’ was aimed at Christian, the only politician who uses the monicker ‘Agila ng Bulacan’ and who dons the ‘patented’ red shirts or polo attire that your father was fond of wearing during his political sorties. As a lawyer, Christian is perpetuating the legacy of your father, in words and deeds, contrary to your hallucination that he is ruining it. In fact, had you not burned bridges, you could even be proud of his achievements and carry these on your shoulders to acquiesce as feathers on your name. Sayang.

You did not capitalize on your being a Natividad humbly but instead scandalized your family and squandered your opportunities. By now, your political career is finished. Probably, after the 2019 elections, even if you run for Kagawad in the barangay, just like your running-mate vice governor, you might not even make it. While Christian, win or lose, he will still have a world to conquer and fresh winds beneath his wings. He can run again for other positions in 2022. Or practice his law and make a quiet living away from the public’s prying eye.

Thru sheer hard work and remarkable managerial skills, Mayor Christian has silenced all critics with the meteoric rise of Malolos in all aspects of governance – education, tourism & culture, economy, jobs and dizzying infra-projects in almost every corner of the 51 barangays of the premier capital city.

No one has transformed Malolos into what it is today, a booming city of progress and opportunity. But much credit goes to your half-brother, Mayor Christian Dionisio Natividad, the son of Matilde the teacher; the deprived and forsaken son; the boy-next-door who had to walk to a public school and survived on pittance, while you rode in a chauffeur-driven Benz or BMW, lived in a posh villa in Greenhills subdivision and studied at expensive La Salle.

Christian was the ambitious boy whose rags to riches story is now your envy. The biblical ‘Abel’ who, in spite of having a brother ‘Cain’, is hoping to become the next governor of Bulacan.
He is your older brother who at the age of six nurtured a dream to become a mayor, grew up with the masa of his rustic but historied town while you grew up in the bustling metropolis. Christian lived a Spartan life bereft of luxuries while you wallowed in it.

Deprived and seldom visited by your dad, he submitted to fate, meekly moved on and just idolized the man whom he sorely missed. The reason why at an early age, he ventured into public life and followed the footstep of your beloved father.

After the EDSA revolution, in 1992, your dad reclaimed his seat as Congressman of the First District-Bulacan.

I distinctly remember that you were a cute chubby kid being tagged along by your dad in his sorties carrying ‘visual aids’ (graphs, stats, lists of projects, etc.) one of which was during that ‘Kapihan sa Bulacan’ (1992 debate) at Eurobake restaurant that I arranged and emceed, where your dad had an intense battle of wits with then re-electionist congressman, the late Atty. Francisco ‘Jun’ Aniag, Jr. Your father went on to win the 1992 and the 1995 elections.

Cong. Natividad was still alive and somehow ushered Christian get appointed SK chairman in 1995. He died in 1997. In 1998, Christian, using ‘Anak ng Agila’ in his posters, ran and won as No. 1 topnotcher councilor of Malolos. (You also ran as councilor and won 15 years later in 2013, landing 6th out of 10 seats.)

After two consecutive terms as topnotch councilor (1998 and 2001), Christian ran as mayor in 2004 where I facilitated a nationwide-TV debate aired over RPN-NEWS9 between his rivals – re-electionist mayor Danny Domingo and then-vice mayor Centi Cruz, in a three-way fight.

Christian The Agila lost his maiden attempt to fulfill his childhood dream. He rested, pursued the study of law, returned to politics in 2007 and won as Board Member. (After your 1st term as councilor, you too ran as Bokal in 2016 but lost. I heard some nasty talks that your camp was blaming Christian for your defeat. So pathetic. How can he? Voters for 1st District include residents of Bulakan, Hagonoy, Malolos, Paombong and Pulilan.)

In 2007, Christian finished his Bachelor of Laws at FEU College of Law and passed the Bar in 2009. Like your father, he became a full-pledge attorney but accomplished it while serving as a provincial legislator.

In the 2010 elections, at 32, Christian became the youngest mayor-ever of Malolos, was re-elected in 2013, and repeated his winning streak in 2016 elections, all in landslide fashion.

Mayor Christian, the rightful heir and son of ‘Agila ng Bulacan’ is on a roll. His name is as fragrant as the ‘dama de noche’ that blooms at Nativity, the birth of Jesus. He has the momentum. As a brother, you should have supported him in whatever way — like the nameless scholars, masa, the common tao in ‘Facebook’ who post comforting words for the good deeds that Christian had done and that changed their lives for the better. A text, a call or good luck-letter to boost his morale could have been the best Christmas gift on his birthday last Dec. 24. Anything, but a CoC to oppose his candidacy. Literally, it was a dagger.

Of all persons, how dare you allow yourself to be used as a tool to confuse voters. Whether it was your own decision or not, it was simply a condemnable and traitorous act courtesy of a blood brother.

Secondly, you cunningly claimed in your ‘Pahayag’ that you filed your candidacy to “protect the good name of your father”. You want us to believe that you are doing it to stop Christian from destroying the name and legacy of your father? As you claimed, that was the very reason why you discreetly substituted as a candidate for governor and NOT really to serve as governor of Bulacan. Right? GO tell that to the marines!

You want Bulakenyos to believe your (in)sincerity in offering to serve others, the public, or people who are less fortunate. As your Facebook motto says: “Tapat na Maglingkod, May Paninindigan.” Didn’t you had goosebumps?

Your ‘Pahayag’ is plain and simple lying through your teeth. If that is not deception, what is?

If you are indeed serious to run as governor, fine. Everyone has a right to serve in the government. But sincerity manifests in words and action to become believable.

Why did you not file your CoC during the regular period of filing from Oct. 11 to 17? Why? Nobody would take your seriously, right? In one of your sorties last Oct. 11 at the Barangay Councilors Association of Malolos (BCAM) general assembly in Brgy. Mojon, you even announced that you will run as councilor of the city.

And weeks after the deadline, we even had a brief talk at Fernando’s Bar inside Citywalk Gym (owned by the family of Malolos mayoral candidate Didis Domingo). I remember asking: ‘Why were you not included in the line-up of Didis when you are considered a shoo-in for a seat in the 10-man City Council?’

And your reply was: “Kuya, di na muna, at wala po akong pondo at medyo down din ang business namin ni Mommy. Marami pa naman pagkakataon.”

But lo and behold, you secretly filed on Nov. 29 your CoC for ‘governor’ using the name Teddy ‘AGUILA’ Natividad (with a letter ‘U’). You substituted for an unknown candidate of Lakas-CMD party (Josephine Bawaan), away from the cameras of mediamen. Even the haoshiao ‘medya-medya’ who were, at that time co-incidentally inside Citywalk for a sports event, did not even earn a ‘boundary’ from you. Sus..Lupet mo raw, di man lang sila naanggihan. Why?

Is that sincerity? ‘Tapat na Maglilingkod’ ba yun? O may tinapat?

Rumors are flying that it was in the range of 10 to 20McDo. But I completely and vehemently disagree. That is unbelievable. The way I know your Ilokano benefactor, it was way below that range. I would venture to say: between 3 to 5 only. Sagad na!

And wonders of all wonders, why did your bff Ace Mendiola filed his CoC for the position of ‘vice governor’ during the regular filing period last Oct. 11-17. Aren’t this confluence of events suggest that a ‘grand plan’ of substitution has been hatched by sinister minds much much earlier.

And how could you explain that the same substitution scheme was also carried out by a certain Ronald ‘SanBon’ Tantoco against 1st District congressional candidate Sander Tantoco who is running against your ‘Boss’ in Congress. Incidentally, this SanBon Tantoco (first time I heard of such name since Woodstock) was also substituted using a Certificate of Nomination (CoNo) issued by the same Lakas-CMD party you used. Connecting the dots is not that difficult but given your comprehension, I can understand that it was quite complicated, hence, you relented.

Simply put, voters for governor will have two choices of Natividad: Christian The Agila and Teddy The Aguila.

While voters for Congress-1st Dist. will guess and choose the real Tantoco: Sander or Sanbon. BWISET!

Meantime, candidates Daniel Fernando for Governor and Jonathan Sy-Alvarado for Congressman do not have this dilemma. Clever indeed. Palakpakan! Galing nyo!

Nothing can come close to this classic cheating novelty that we have seen so far. In barbershop talks, they call it: “Nuknukan nang gulang at Nuno ng kadayaan!”

Lastly, who would believe your sincerity when you do not even have a mayoral candidate or Bokal in your ticket except for your vice governor running-mate, Ace Mendiola. For the record, his candidacy is a big joke.

Ace ran as one of Didis’ councilors in the 2016 polls and landed 16th in a field of 19. He ran as Kagawad (councilor) of Brgy. Mojon last year and also lost miserably. But I salute Mendiola’s fighting spirit for running against out-going Gov. Willy Sy-Alvarado, who just exchange post with Daniel Fernando for the 2019 elections. But here is something nauseatic and bad for your liver: Ace has secretly told me that he will withdraw his candidacy. Problem is, a relative of his opponent whom he cannot refuse is giving him “moral support” to continue the “fight”. Ngek!!! Erps nya kalaban pero ayaw syang paatrasin? WEIRD!

Mayor Christian is reaping tons of praises from all over Bulacan as gleaned from all surveys that he topped (Agila’s 70% vs. Fernando’s 30%) here, there and everywhere, including the most recent one which MetroNEWS made last Nov. 1, 2018.

I wrote this comment and reaction, not in defense of Mayor Christian but simply to provide enlightenment to Bulakenyos about your latest post in Facebook, considered a powerful tool in molding public opinion in the age of the internet (Dota).

As a journalist and publisher of MetroNEWS – the oldest Malolos-based English weekly in Bulacan – I owe it to our readers, in the interest of public service, to dissect and purify news that I consider critical, misleading and bereft of truth.

When you filed your CoC last Nov. 29, it was done thru stealth using the substitution process, provided under the law. You see, the ‘switching strategy’ is a clever ploy to deceive or sabotage an opponent to prevent him from winning. Again, it is clear from your ‘Pahayag’ that you filed your candidacy, not to serve the people of Bulacan, but to avenge your jealousy, and that of your mom’s, from the whirlwind political success of Christian for using the name ‘Agila ng Bulacan’ which you are arrogating as a property of your father that rightfully belongs to your family.

From the above narrative, anyone can easily discern that Christian, as a son, has the same right to use ‘Agila’ as a political gimmick to gain name-recall. Both of you are entitled to it. As barbers would say: “Ayy inakay ka pa lamang, mandaragit na ang kapatid mo!”

Christian learned to fly early and fast. You were a laggard. He was plowing the fields while you were gallivanting or maybe drag-racing in Greenhills. As simple as that. No fault-finding, no excuses.

Just open your eyes wide and see the progress of Malolos thru the cutting-edge management and dynamic vision of Mayor Christian. His managerial skills is a treasure of Malolos, a rarity these days of massive corruption. Let him soar high and attain glory so he can deliver the grandeur that Bulacan deserves.

Practice and stretch your wings so you can also conquer heights. Do not feign affection. Enjoy your achievements however humble and who knows your time will come ‘where eagles dare’.

Like the eagle, eat less and be light so you can fly high. Notice that fat animals who have feathers can’t fly high like the ducks, chickens, and many more.

If you consider yourself as an eagle, be in the company of winged creatures, like birds who prefer to live above ground. Do not mingle with reptiles, snakes, spider, especially scorpions that are venomous at night. These creepy creatures might just bite and sting you with their poison. Beware.

Lastly, fight depression and jealousy. As ‘Desiderata’ says: “And whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.” Happy New Year! (RONDA Balita Online News)


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