Kadamay faction in Bulacan seeks police intervention


PANDI, Bulacan — Leaders and members of the breakaway faction of Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay), based in this town are seeking police intervention allegedly from deaths threats they have been receiving from the original members of the militant group.

Jeffrey Aris, the leader of the breakaway faction of Kadamay in Pandi, complained to Chief Insp. Manuel de Vera, police chief of Pandi, that he, together with more than 200 members of the breakaway group, have been receiving intimidating threats to their lives from their former colleagues every time they passed through their barricades.

“From time to time the original members of the Kadamay, randomly make a round on the houses occupied by the break-away group informing them that they will be ousted from their housing units and make threatening words on their lives in the next three days (June 17,18 and 19),” Aris complained.

Most of the break-away group are occupying around 400 housing units reserved for members of the Bureau of Forest Protection in Barangay Cacarong Matanda in this town and there are also several living in the other five relocation sites build by the National Housing Authority (NHA) in Pandi, Aris said.

“To protect themselves from possible harm they have mobilized their members into groups to make security checks from time to time on their members occupied housing units,” he added.

“They broke off from the original Kadamay group because of perceived anomalies and now they are directly negotiating with the NHA regarding the status on the housing units that they have occupied,” he added.

Later in the afternoon, the break-away group and the personnel of the Pandi police station went to barangay office Cacarong Matanda to get the copies of complaints filed by the breakaway group against the original group.

De Vera said that the Pandi police force has already coordinated with its barangay multiplier police force for any eventualities. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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