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LGUs reminded on implementing provisions of EO 28


CITY OF MALOLOS – Local government units (LGUs) are being reminded to implement provisions stated in Executive Order (EO) 28 to prevent fireworks-related injuries.

The reminder was raised by Joven Ong, president of the Philippine Fireworks Association, with just more than two weeks before the country celebrates New Year’s Eve traditionally with a bang and colorful fireworks displays.

Ong said EO 28 that was signed by President Rodrigo Duterte in June this year and its implementing rules and regulations recently passed, provides for the regulation and control of the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices.

Under the said EO, firecrackers that contain 200mg of chemical ingredients are allowed to be used by the fireworks enthusiasts only in LGUs-designated community fireworks display areas and cannot be exploded randomly in any streets or places on likes to.

“Pyrotechnic devices other than firecrackers may be used outside community fireworks displays subject to existing laws, rules and regulations,” Ong noted citing Section 2 of EO 28.

Ong explained that “For the EO 28 to work, people’s penchant for firecrackers should be diverted to pyrotechnics.If the LGUs will ban both firecrackers and pyrotechnics…. The effect will be the opposite as history and studies will show.”

He added that “ it will drive people to use illegal firecrackers which are more dangerous. I hope the LGUs that have made ordinances against the EO 28 will amend or suspend implementation of their ordinances to make sure that fewer injuries will occur.”

However, Ong did not identify which LGUs have come out with ordinances that is against the provisions of EO 28.


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