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Liham mula sa isang OFW sa bansang Iraq

An opinion column of Rosseth Eleogo

MAY nagpadala po sa inyong lingkod ng liham thru my email address mula sa mga kababayan natin sa bansang Irag na nais maiparating kay Pangulong Rodrigo R. Duterte at sa mga kinauukulan ang kanilang mga hinaing hinggil sa re: deployment ban sa nasabing bansa.

Dear Ma’am

Greetings! I am just one of the Filipinos who had been lucky to be employed here at Iraq. I am currently working here at Camp Taji, Iraq. This a Coalition Forces Camp (formerly Camp Cooke). we are 9 Filipino firefighters working with 4 American firefighters, aside from another 6 other Filipinos to other departments of our company. We are under an American Company that really takes good care of us. Here is our story:

A couple of months ago, myself and another Filipino staff had started to work out our Selective Balik-Manggagawa program that was posted on the Facebook page of our Kapulungan ng Mga Filipino sa Iraq. Since we had this good news, we had worked excessively to get in touch with our Philippine Embassy here in Iraq. We had the chance to finally get an answer and had the chance to communicate with then-Ambassador Elmer Cato. We had formulated a plan and agreed on how to be part of this exemption that they were (Philippine Embassy Iraq) proposing.

We had the chance to get the support of our company for this plan. Fast forward to the multiple exchanges of Emails from the embassy, including Amb. Cato, we had agreed to for a schedule for their (supposedly) visit here at our Camp. Our company had even issued us an Email for the preparation for the arrival and visit of the Philippines Embassy staff. Unfortunately, a day before our scheduled date, the embassy canceled such trip. Please do even try to ask Amb. Cato about the cancellation they did a day before our agreed date.

We never knew what was the real reason for canceling. We felt betrayed by our own embassy. We looked like fools to our company. Since then, everything just stopped. All of those efforts had gone and disappeared. All of us here can’t afford to come home due to the uncertainty of not coming back here. We have a lot to lose and worried about the fact that finding a job and a good pay is not easy to find. We had learned that a certain “mafia” is existing at our airports.

According to some that I had met, Immigration Officers could be paid between 50 – 80 K pesos for them to serve as escorts for your exit out of the Philippines.Payments are done within the airport. Right now, until when could we have the chance to come home and spend vacation with our families without thinking that we can’t comeback to work due to the Travel Ban (sic) imposed for Iraq to which it is not even that dangerous. If you could go further into the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ You could see all of the sentiments of other Filipinos who had been given false hopes.

I do hope you could be instrumental in making our case be heard in order not for the “mafias” to co-exist and use the hard-earned money of us OFW for their own personal gratifications. We really need this to be taken to POEA, Office of the President and other government entities that make every OFW here in Iraq a peace of mind that we could come home and able to come back to work again.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you and more power.

Julius ********

(Wala pong binago o idinagdag ang patnugutan sa naturang liham na ito ng ating mga kababayan sa Iraq. Sinadyang pong hindi na namin nilagyan ang buong pangalan ng nagpadala ng liham bunsod na rin sa kahi­lingan nito.)
Sana sa pamamagiran ng pahayagang ito at ng ating RONDA Balita Online News ay makarating sa mga kinauukulan ang hinaing ng ating mga kababayan sa bansang Iraq.

Hanggang sa susunod na isyu po ng RONDA Balita. Batu-bato sa langit ang tamaan ay PIKON!

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