Maltreated Filipino worker in Kuwait seeks help

The ailing Jozyl Dabon wants to resign from work in Kuwait and return home. (Contributed)

DAVAO DEL SUR — Relatives of a Filipino worker in Kuwait now paralyzed due to an illness, her Arab employer does not want to be treated in a hospital wants her back home.

Worse, the employer of the ailing Jozyl Dabon, who hails from Digos City in Davao del Sur province, is keeping her passport to prevent her from cutting short her two-year employment contract due to her condition.

She now stays with a Filipino friend in House No. 27 in Block 2, Street 1 in Avenue 2 in Qurtuba, Kuwait City.

Her friends revealed her situation to NDBC News via Facebook private messaging at past 1:00 a.m. Tuesday, Philippine time. “Please help her.

She has a rude employer who keeps saying she is not sick. She has lost muscle coordination as if she was paralyzed due to a hypertensive stroke,” said one of the informants.

Another friend said Dabon has long complained of maltreatment by her Arab employer and that she is not being fed well in her workplace. She works as a maid for an Arab mother, Fajura, whose four children she also takes care of.

Dabon’s mother, Brigida, has been trying to ask help for a week now from the local agency that facilitated her employment in Kuwait.

Dabon’s immediate family want her back in Digos City as early as possible so she can be examined and treated by a specialist. Relatives are worried Dabon’s condition would worsen without proper medical attention.

“We don’t know what medicines to give her. We can’t bring her to a doctor because we don’t have her passport,” said a friend now helping provide for her needs.

Source: NDBC News


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