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Most romantic places in Bulacan


Bulacan is one of the provinces located near Metro Manila in the northern part of the Philippines. As the province is situated north of Metro Manila, tourists can just go ahead and visit the city of Bulacan if happened in the area. The easiest way to get there is to take the LRT to Monumento and then take a van or jeepney ride to different areas of Bulacan.
The province of Bulacan is also widely known for its heroic past, rich history and its vital role during numerous wars in the Philippines. The local climate is fairly nice, consisting of two seasons only – dry and wet one, so better arrive there when it’s not the rainy period so that you can fully enjoy the nature and explore more of the attractions on-site. Exclusive for Russian single girls online dating website connecting loving souls from all parts of the world.

Pinagrealan Cave
This enthralling cave is a subterranean network of numerous caverns stretching out for more than a mile below the surface level and was once used by the revolutionaries fighting against Spain in 1896 and during the Filipino-American War in 1898 as the main hideout of Emilio Aguinaldo, a general of Filipino army.
This location is one of many historical sites you can explore while in Bulacan. And while there are a lot of other magnificent places to visit there, make sure you check this one out on your trip to Bulacan.

Eight waves, Amana Park and Jed’s
Now these two not only promise to excite a foreign traveler with their wonderful theme parks, but also come up with an absolutely fantastic way to cool a visitor down with their marvelous wave pools on a hot and sunny day. Don’t forget to take some pics too, with King Kong and Jurassic dinosaurs’ full-scale replicas to wow you!

Biak na Bato National Park
There is just a bit of everything there, especially if you decide to taste traditional mouthwatering Carabao Pastillas, made of milk – such excellent news for everyone having sweet tooth!
On top of that, don’t forget to come round to Biak na Bato National Park as well, which is a historic spot most famous for General Emilio Aguinaldo signing a peace treaty with Spain that later turned to be in vain. However, the Philippines fought and managed to win back the space. Indeed, a sweet victory!

San Rafael River Adventure
Be ready to dive into nature, love, serenity and…a bunch of adventures within San Rafael! The destination is just perfect for romantic getaways and weddings.
Take all your loved ones with you for a bright celebration of life and love as it is a unique way to acknowledge your legacy. San Rafael River Adventure is a spot full of various events and precious moments for a budget-friendly price.

Tree House of Love in San Rafael River Adventure
This charming tree house is comfortably nestled between three mango trees. Its design literally breathes romance, total comfort and indulgence in your romantic partner, reminding its guests to enjoy the serenity of the place. The combination of wooden and glass materials in the interiors is such a relief to just enjoy the moment.
As you take a step inside, you can find everything needed for a cozy romantic break. The round bed for two lovers and a loft bed if you’ve brought a friend with you. In addition, the Jacuzzi brings even more of a wow factor as you may agree there are not too many places where you can reside in a tree house made of glass and completed with a hot tub.
If you ever happen to run out of activities to do within the walls of your lovely tree house, there is a number of things to fill your day with, including ATV, kayaking, and wake boarding. You also get a pool overlooking Angat adding to the serene environment. Just an amazing option for all city dwellers craving for more time to be spent in total peace and quiet.


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