NORZAGARAY, Bulacan, – Mountainers and environmentalist urges officials of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) to pay on time the wages of their Bantay Gubat team in Ipo Watershed on Earth Day on Saturday.

Fred Ochavo, of the UP Mountaineer, explained that members of the Bantay Gubat’s work involve patrolling and monitoring the watershed in order to prevent illegal activities like logging, charcoal making, and intentional burning.

He noted that these forest rangers have” also put their lives at risk because armed syndicates are protecting the loggers in the Rizal portion of Ipo Watershed.”

He added the forest rangers “receive minimum wage and are often not paid on time by MWSS.”

As a message for Earth Day, Ochavo urges concerned agencies “to protect the forests that supply Metro Manila with water and for MWSS to fully support the financial needs of the Bantay Gubat forest rangers who protect the forests that ensure their dams have water”.

Begets of publicity gimiks, members of the UP Mountaineers celebrated part of its Earth Day celebration nurturing transplanted trees in Ipo Watershed in Norzagaray town on Saturday.

Ochavo explained to RONDA Balita Online News that tree-planting activities are not enough for a reforestation project, the transplanted trees should be nurtured to assure its survival and become a part of a healthy forest in the future.

Beside the tree nurturing activities, Ochavo said that their group also donated shoes and bags to members of the Bantay Gubat in the Ipo Watershed, whose salaries are usually delayed for several long months.

On the other hand, Sen. Joel Villanueva, who hails from Bocaue town, reminds “everyone to consciously protect our environment so we would be able to share its resources with future generations.

With the theme “End Plastic Pollution” for Earth Day 2018, the Bulakenyo senator said that “individuals and businesses alike should practice sustainable use of our environment while governments must incentivize environment-nurturing establishments.”

He added that “By simply reducing plastic consumption and using eco-friendly materials to cutting down carbon emissions and utilizing environmentally-friendly energy options, these things can really make a huge difference in preserving our planet.”

Meanwhile, Gladiz May Latiza, of SM City Marilao, said that SM malls “Trash to Cash” program is part of their Earth Day commitment.

Under the program, SM malls set up a booth where shoppers can exchange for cash their household trashes like old newspapers, cartons, scrap papers, plastic cups and bottles, aluminum cans, scrap iron and empty ink toner cartridges

Latiza noted that electronic and automotive wastes such as lead batteries, old TV’s, discarded computers, mobile phones, and wires may also be brought for proper disposal and added that this way, shoppers help save the environment through proper waste disposal and recycling. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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