Pandi and Pulilan holds lechon feast to relieve ASF panic


CITY OF MALOLOS, Bulacan — The municipal mayors of Pandi and Pulilan conducted a feast with a roasted pig as the main course with local officials, media and the public on Thursday (Oct. 3) to show that pork products being sold in their local markets are safe to eat.

Pandi Mayor Enrico Roque and Pulilan Mayor Ma. Rosario Ochoa-Montejo personally led the eating of roast pork and other pork products after they have confirmed ASF incidences in their localities.

Montejo said the swine viral disease have been found positive in livestock pens in barangay Inaon, Tabon, Balatong A, Balatong B, Tinejero and Dulong Malabon in Pulilan town.

She also confirmed that more than 1,000 affected swine were killed and buried in six-meter deep pits that are located in Barangay Longos and Dulong Malabon that are far from residential houses and were covered with “apog” and soil to prevent the spread of the viral disease.

Montejo explained the Lechon Festival was conducted at the public market of the town on Thursday to “show to the people that only those negative for ASF shall be slaughtered for food and it is safe to eat pork coming from our market and also to show solidarity to our market vendors.”

On the other hand, Pandi Mayor Enrico Roque served roast as the main course after a press conference also on Thursday where he confirmed that the Corpus Farm in Barangay Baka-Bakahan has been tested positive by the Department of Agriculture for the ASF virus.

Roque assured consumers that the ASF incidence in their town is an isolated case and that pork product from their commercial and backyard raisers are safe to eat.

Montejo and Roque said the 1-7-10 quarantine protocol of the Department of Agriculture is strictly being implemented in their towns.

The effect of the AS incidence has brought down the price cost of swine in Pandi from P70-80 a kilo, Roque noted. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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