Pangasinan man accused of raping neighbor’s pig


PANGASINAN — As swine fever grips Filipinos – at least the hog farmers – one construction worker in this province reportedly threw caution to the wind in pursuit of his porcine passion.

‘Rape’ suspect Rommel Marimla, 21 years old of Sual, Pangasinan, behind bars after his neighbor accused him of sexually assaulting his 8-month-old pet pig.

Pig owner Jomar Austria was convinced his pet piggie was violated because its genitalia was swollen and bloody. It’s unclear how that led Austria to conclude his neighbor had raped the poor young pig, but the animal’s condition was enough for him to file a police report against Marimla.

Police believe Austria’s account and will charge Marimla, who was arrested Saturday (Sept. 14), with grave scandal and violating the Animal Welfare Act.

Source: Coconuts


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