PH media delegates visit Forbidden City, Great Wall of China


TIANANMEN SQUARE –The 30 Philippine media delegates were among the 45,000 mostly Chinese tourists who recently visited the historic Tiananmen Square, also known “The Gate of Heavenly Peace” in China to get into the Forbidden City, once declared World Heritage Site and home of emperors of the bygone era and the Great Wall of China.

The Tiananmen Square is a city square in the center of Beijing, China located to its north, separating it from the Forbidden City where amazingly hit and visited by thousands of tourists mostly came from the provinces outnumbering the foreign tourists.

On Monday of (May 20, 2019) during the 5th day of 2019 Seminar for Media Reporters of the Philippines, a lecture was held at the training center of the Research and Training Institute of National Radio and Television Administration in Beijing, China dubbed as “Introduction of China’s National Condition.

At least 30 government media practitioners and journalists have joined the two-week media exchange program in Beijing dubbed “Converging Media, Exchanging Civilizations.” The Filipino delegates went to China in Beijing on May 15 and it will end on May 29, 2019.

Mr. Song Mingchang, the keynote speaker said that China’s domestic tourists reached 5 billion in 2017. The number of outbound tourists was recorded at 142 million.

In Chinese history, in this place where several important events were held, it has great cultural significance.

Known as the the home of the emperors from various dynasties who ruled China several decades ago wherein huge gates, halls and palaces such as the Six Eastern Palaces (Dong liugong qu), Hall for Abstinence (Zhai gong), Outer Court of Palace of the Tranquil Longevity Sector (Ningshougong qu): Treasure Gallery and Stone Drum Gallery, Inner Court of Palace of the Tranquil Longevity Sector (Ningshougong qu): Treasure Gallery, Opera Gallery, the Well of Consort Zhen (Zhenfei jing) and the Gate of Divine Prowess (Shenwu men) can be seen.

He said, China is offering tours to the Great Wall; Coastal Tour in Dalian, Liaoning province; Qingdao, Shandong province; Beihai, Guangxi province and Sanya in Hainan province; the Silk Road Tour in Urumchi, Xining, Lanzhou, Xian, etc; Folk Culture Tour in the provinces of Shanxi, Henan, Shandong and Beijing; Snow Scenery Tour in Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Jili; Minority Folk Culture Tour of China’s Southwestern Region in Yunan, Guizhou, Guangxi and Shichuan; Tour of the Water Towns of the Yangtze River Delta in Hangzhou and Jiaxing, both in the Zhejiang province; Yangzhou and Suzhou, both in Jiangsu province; Gorges Tour of the Yangtze River in Sichuan, Hunan and Hubei; Folk Culture Tour of the Yellow River in the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia province, Henan and Shandong.

The China Cultural and Tourism Department is doing a great job in promoting countryside tourism because it attracted hordes of visitors into the country. Tourism is playing a vital role in generating livelihood opportunities for the locals supporting President Xi Jinping’s poverty alleviation program in the countryside, he said. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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