PNP reshuffles overstaying police officers in Central Luzon


CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga — The Central Luzon police force has started reshuffling police officers in the region.

At least 20 police officers from Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, and Pampanga have already been reshuffled and the process is still ongoing.

This was confirmed by Brig. Gen. Rhodel Sermonia, Region 3 police director, but clarified the relieved officers were not involved in any misdemeanor and their reassignments weres brought about by the maximum accumulated stay of police commissioned officers (PCOs) in one provincial/city office.

“There’s a PNP policy to relieve officers who have reached the maximum 10-year stay in one provincial/city office as mandated in the Memorandum Circular Number 2013–014 ‘Prescribing the Policies and Procedures Governing the Placement of Second Level Uniformed Personnel’,” Sermonia noted.

The police general said the maximum accumulated stay of PCOs in a province or city shall not exceed 10 years and that they shall be rotated within the territorial units of PRO in order to provide them varied opportunities for career advancement and ensure exposure to other field duties to further improve their leadership skills and capabilities. (RONDA BALITA Online)


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