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Prison visitor smuggles drugs by inserting it into her butt


Yesterday, a visitor at Cebu City Jail was caught smuggling Nubain, a contraband drug, said to be as powerful as morphine, by using an interesting method: by inserting them into her butt.

According to SunStar Cebu, the suspect is a former call center agent identified as April Jay Ajoc, a transgender woman.

Jail guards noticed that she was acting suspiciously, and decided to frisk her.

The hapless guards then saw the tip of the condom sticking out of her butt but had a hard time removing it.

Ajoc was then brought to the Guadalupe Police Station to relieve herself so she could remove the objects inside her butt.

Needless to say, the guards were shocked to discover 20 ampoules inside the condom, which Ajoc said was meant to be given to a friend imprisoned inside the jail.

Ajoc has been imprisoned for smuggling the contraband.

This is not the first time that someone used their body parts to smuggle drugs into Cebu City Jail.

Superintendent Renante Rubio said they previously caught three women who tried to bring in narcotics by putting them inside their vaginas.

Source: Coconuts Manila

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