Ramen Kuroda now open at SM City Marilao

SM City Marilao makes real ramen part of every Bulakeños everyday with the recent opening of Ramen Kuroda. Taking pride in serving the best Tonkotsu broth-based ramen using special umami extract and handmade noodles, Ramen Kuroda is open daily for take –out and delivery via Pabili-Bulacan, Ride Eat, and Cartel De Marilao. (Photo courtesy of SM Marilao)

MARILAO, Bulacan — Regardless of your broth preference, nothing comforts the soul like a hot bowl of ramen! Slurping down delicious noodles in a flavorful broth is one of the few things that offer delight and satisfaction during these challenging times.

With this in mind, SM City Marilao welcomes Ramen Kuroda; the newest addition to its specialty restaurants.

Located at the second floor of the mall, Bulakeños can now get their authentic noodle fix at an affordable price. Ramen Kuroda offers more than just one winning recipe but a range of rich ramen dishes in variety of flavors.

Ramen Kuroda takes pride in serving the best tonkotsu broth-based ramen as it uses its special umami extract, Their multi-process of broth cooking method evoke the richness of the much-feted ramen in Japan. Ramen Kuroda also uses special flour and seasonal ingredients for their handmade noodles.

Shoppers can try one of their best sellers Aka Ramen. This noodle fix comes with chashu (stewed pork), egg, and vegetables in tasty tonkotsu broth highlighted by its umami flavor. Apart from ramen, the store also carries sumptuous rice dishes, delectable set meals and special bento sets that are good for sharing.

And because we love food just as much as you do, SM City Marilao got your palate covered with take-out and delivery options via Pabili-Bulacan, Ride Eat, Pa Suyo Po, and Cartel De Marilao. Shoppers can now book from the comfort of their home, enjoy specialties from their favorite restaurants at the mall.

For take-out convenience, Shoppers can call and pick up orders from their favorite stores and restaurants at the mall’s central pickup station located at the main atrium.

SM City Marilao also introduces its curbside walk and drive-through with My SM Buddy. For easy and smooth transactions, shoppers can simply choose from the list of open establishments that may be found on SM City Marilao’s social media pages; contact the restaurant or store directly to order and arrange for payment. Orders will be waiting when you walk or drive through the mall.

With the many options of convenience, the mall provides, SM City Marilao is only getting started. Be sure to check out the latest offerings and promos by following SM City Marilao on Facebook and Instagram.

Ramen Kuroda is open daily for take–out and delivery via Pabili-Bulacan, Ride Eat, and Cartel De Marilao. (RONDA BALITA Online)


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