Royal Maharlikans bets for Alunan in Senate


TRIBAL prime minister and tribal commander-in-chief Dr. Sultan Mangacop Umpha Saud Alhadj of the Royal Maharlika Tribes 1 – Nation, Inc., (RMT1) raised the hand of former Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Rafael “Raffy” Alunan III to formally declare the organization’s support to the latter’s senatorial bid for May 2019 midterm elections.

RMT1 is an organization of descendants of former Maginoo clans (our own native version of royal families during the Pre-Hispanic Philippines) and Maharlika (our own version of the noble class and warrior class under our Pre-Hispanic social caste system). Professor Sofronio “Toti” Dulay, a direct descendant of Lakan Dula of the Tondo Kingdom and Dr. Julian S. Canonoy descendant of our first hero and head of the Mactan polity Datu Lapu-Lapu, are among the officers of the abovementioned organization.

The formal endorsement happened in a restaurant in Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) during RMT1’s National Executive Consultative Conference (NECC) where Alunan delivered the welcome remarks representing Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte who was not able to graced the occasion due to prior commitments.

“Senator, ipinapangako namin sa iyo, we will deliver 15-million votes for you,” Sultan Saud said.

The group believes Alunan will be their genuine representation in the Senate with him bearing a native surname, an old Tagalog word which means “to swamp”. This is a clear indication that he came from a Maharlikan family.

Most of the members of RMT1 have native surnames or middle names. The group believes that if a person has a native surname or middle name, he/she came from a Maginoo or Maharlika clan who silently resisted the Spanish colonization by acquiring native surnames instead of Spanish surnames after the Claveria Decree was issued in 1849 by then Spanish Governor-General Narciso Claveria requiring all natives to have an official family name.

Alunan gladly appreciated the RMT1 endorsement, a group being recognized as an organization of indigenous peoples (IPs) under the Republic Act 8371 or the Indigenous People’s Rights Act (IPRA) Law.

“Alam niyo, malapit sa puso ko ang mga indigenous people, noong secretary pa ako ng Tourism at ng DILG, maraming mga IP tribes ang nag-adopt sa akin bilang honorary brother. Actually, I was just asked to come here kanina dahil may activity kami sa kabila, and since malapit sa aking puso ang mga katutubo, I decided to go here,” Alunan explained he attended the event despite a very short notice.

“Nandito ako dahil ang sabi sa akin, pagtitipon daw ito ng iba’t ibang IP tribal groups like Lumads, etc., at ng mga descendants ng mga dating royal houses na nagkaisa to rebuild this nation. And I believe your organization, the Royal Maharlika, me and One Philippines Party-list, we have the same goal in rebuilding this nation. Let’s unite and create the new Philippines,” Alunan added.

Meanwhile, Alunan vowed to expand and strengthen the IPRA Law once he serves as senator of the Republic. This is his reaction after learning that there are indigenous peoples who were deprived of their rights and privileges because of the poor implementation of IPRA Law.


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