SM Bulacan malls celebrate 121st Philippine Independence Day


CITY OF MALOLOS — Hundreds of mall employees, business partners and members of the community are expected to join as SM Malls in Marilao, San Jose Del Monte, Baliwag and Pulilan commemorate the 121st Philippine Independence Day.

To mark the revelry tomorrow, SM City San Jose Del Monte is putting the spotlight on young Filipino talent with Angklung Musical performance. Students from Paradise Farms National High School will be performing festive and patriotic songs using Indonesian musical instruments made of bamboo. These traditional musical instruments consist of bamboo tubes suspended in bamboo frames that are tapped and shaken to produce notes. Early Filipinos adopt the used of this unique instrument to socialize and to perform various Spanish-influenced folk music. Apart from the traditional music, SM City San Jose Del Monte will likewise showcase popular rendition of OPM songs as interpreted by the First City Providential College’ Baliktanaw group and Bulacan X-Factor 2017 Champion, Famela Ann Aglabtin.

“Our art and culture played an important role in our freedom because it defines our identity as Filipino.” shares SM City San Jose Del Monte Assistant Mall Manager Nelson Lopez. “Because Philippine Independence deserves more than a day’s celebration, SM Malls in Marilao, Baliwag and Pulilan have earlier rolled out series of events and interactive Pop Art centerpieces to highlight Philippine culture and nationalism.

Giving tribute to the country’s rich heritage and tradition, SM City Marilao highlights the nation’s identity through its enormous interactive Pop Art that features Philippine Folk Dances. The Pop Art mimics a real-life shadow box that let shoppers blend in and be a part of the colorful costume and scenic background. The Independence Day centerpiece in Marilao was also an instant hit among shoppers as the strobe light, 2D figures and widescreen offer endless posing possibilities; making it a good photo to share on social media.

“SM’s Independence Day centerpieces hope to remind us of our history and rich culture,” said SM City Marilao Mall Manager Engr. Emmanuel Gatmaitan. He also added that SM’s goal is to come up with unique and interactive centerpieces to engage shoppers, reach out to younger generations and encourage patriotism while keeping up with changing times.

Meanwhile, SM City Baliwag, brought to life some of popular Filipino games. The imaginative centerpiece gave a playful take on the traditional Pinoy sports such as sepak takraw, sipa, palo sebo, luksong baka, and saranggola. The Pop Art Filipino Game are showcased through dimensional figures of Pinoy kids at play. SM City Baliwag Mall Manager Rodora Tolentino shared that the mall’s Pop Art displays Filipino’s teamwork, resilience, and camaraderie; qualities that contributed to our freedom.

“We hope to impart the valuable Filipino traits to the new generation through our centerpieces,” SM City Baliwag Assistant Mall Manager Rodora Tolentino added.

SM Center Pulilan likewise promoted Filipino pride with a colorful presentation of Bulacan’s famous Fiestas. The Kneeling Carabao, Buntal, Singkaban and Obando Feast were interpreted through a modern centerpiece located at the mall atrium.

Apart from the simultaneous flag raising ceremony tomorrow, SM Malls in Bulacan lined up various activities, promos, and presentations to add festivity.

SM Malls in Bulacan celebrate Philippine Independence to give tribute to the country’s history stand made on June 12, 1898. This event is an annual celebration participated by employees, tenants and shoppers of the mall as well as the communities in which SM serves.


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