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South Border “originals” to hold reunion concert in Los Angeles


MORE than a decade ago, South Border — the band behind the infinite love song “Kahit Kailan,” bade goodbye to its two vocalists Vince Alaras and Duncan Ramos after which the rest of the band migrated to the United States.

The band members had to leave the “South Border” in the Philippines even when most of them remained engaged with their music and art.

Two months ago, the former bandmates played together at Josephine’s Cerritos, one of the few places here in Los Angeles and suburbs that features live performances of Filipino bands.

As expected, the former bandmates were easily recognized by the crowd as the “South Border.”

Inadvertently, someone who promoted the South Border in the Philippines when it was still an upcoming band, saw the musicians play in a popular Filipino club and restaurant in Cerritos a couple of months ago.

The former show promoter, Aljess Bernardo, who has also migrated in the US and has become a disc jockey, approached the former South Border members. He showed them a throwback picture of a South Border’s poster used in the promotion of their concert in a Bulacan college.

They were able to recognize each other and, as one might expect, the former South Border bandmates’ reactions to that old concert poster ranged from hysterical, to sentimental and downright hilarious.

A couple of nights later, an idea for a reunion concert here in Los Angeles cropped up.

“I worked on the idea got because they (former South Border members) were excited about it. And I thought, why not? I’m sure their fans, and they are many, are also eager to watch them playing together again,” said Bernardo who is better known here as DJ Aljess.

To cut the story short, DJ Aljess got the group’s nod for a sort of a reunion concert on December 22 at the Envision Center in the City of Van Nuys. The concert has been titled: The Jingle Ball 2017 (SB Project “Come Together – The Reunion Concert).

The concert would be amply augmented by two of the best Filipino American vocals here, Leo Mercedez and Dylan Durias.

Leo, one of the few vocalists who could belt out a Bruno Mars song almost effortlessly, has a lengthy and close tie with the group. He has played with some of the former South Border guys in Las Vegas.

It’s certainly wouldn’t be off-the-wall to bring in sexiness of Geneva Cruz to an otherwise pure celebration of pop and R&B music.

Beauty queen and performer Shekinah Paguirigan have started rehearsing a performance number with the popular Filipino dance crew, the Junior New System (JNS). The group was the 2016 grand champion of World Championships of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) and has been known, not only for being funny and entertaining but as well for their breathtaking maneuvers.

More sexiness and musicality are expected from LA Pop princess Jacque Abad Santos, Bianca Jolyn Garcia, Belle (Belden Cahapay-Fujimara) and Aira Bella Luna.

Special numbers would also be provided by WCOPA grand champion Garth Garcia and artist King Pintal.

The show is to be hosted by mother and daughter Ging and Ashley Ragasa.

Going back to the South Border, the band was formed in 1993. Its name was a tribute to the roots of its member who mostly hailed from Davao, a province in the southern Philippines.

By 1996, South Border was clustered with top pop bands such as Side A, True Faith, NeoColours and Freestyle.

In the succeeding year, South Border won the most number of trophies at the 10th Awit Awards that included: Best Performance by a New Duo or Group, Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Produced Record of the Year for their hit song Kahit Kailan. (RONDA Balita Online News)


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