TNVS users, willing to pay more for better transport service — TPF


ANALYZING further into their survey released recently to the media, commuter network The Passenger Forum Monday asserted that their findings show that Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) passengers in Metro Manila are agreeable to paying a higher fare for a more convenient and reliable transport service.

TPF Convenor Primo Morillo said, “Digging deeper into the part of our survey that asks respondents for their suggestions for government intervention, two things are very common: commuters want more TNVS units on the road and that they don’t mind having to pay more if the transport service is better. And better means convenient, reliable and comfortable which is exactly how a regular TNVS user would describe the ride-sharing system.”

Morillo explained that this mindset is “definitely the reason for the success of the TNVS model in the country.” He also asserted that this part of their survey analysis is “further confirmed with 72% of the respondents complaining of difficulty in booking TNVS last week.”

“The ball is now in the court of the government,” he continued, “especially in the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) which supervises the operations of TNVS.”

“The LTFRB can do a lot of things to make life easier for TNVS users. First is the raising of the cap for TNVS units that will pave the way for a more reliable transport service. Second, they should make the process of application for TNVS units less bureaucratic. They can also form a task force with TNVS providers, driver groups and passenger groups to ensure the smooth flow of the TNVS system and to support innovations that make life easier for all parties,” Morillo said.

The survey was conducted online, from June 14-15, with 100 respondents.


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